Wednesday, August 15, 2007

1777 to 1779

1777. Battle of Princeton, Jan. 3, gives Gen. Washington a victory.

1777. Benedict Arnold defeats the British Apr. 27 at Ridgefield, Connecticut.

1777. Battle of Bennington, Aug. 16, ends in victory for the Americans.

1777. The British defeat Gen. Washington, Sept. 22, at the Battle of Brandywine.

1777. First Battle of Saratoga, Sept. 19, inflicts heavy losses on British, but they hold their ground.

1777. The British defeat Anthony Wayne at Paoli, PA, Sept. 20.

1777. Gen. Howe occupies Philadelphia, Sept. 26, and defeats Washington at Germantown, Oct. 6.

1777. Second Battle of Saratoga, Oct. 7, is decisive victory over Gen. Burgoyne, who quits the war.

1777. Articles of Confederation adopted by the Continental Congress at York, PA, Nov. 15.

1777. Gen. Washington gains Congressional approval to inoculate entire Continental army.

1777. Washington leads his 11,000 ragged troops into Valley Forge, Dec. 14, to spend the winter.


The School for Scandal. Richard B. Sheridan. British. 1777. Play. Ladies meet to create and spread gossip; complicated plot in which relationships--couples' and relatives'--are tested and eventually reunited or rejected.


1778. News of Burgoyne's defeat at Saratoga reaches France, which recognizes American independence.

1778. Battle of Monmouth, June 28, ends in victory for Washington.

1778. Washington's troops have been drilled at Valley Forge by vonSteuben, a Prussian general.

1778. "Molly Pitcher" carries water to tired and wounded at the Battle of Monmouth.

1778. British Loyalists and their Indian allies massacre settlers in Pennsylvania's Wyoming Valley.

1778. The Virginia legislature forbids further importation of slaves at the persuasion of T. Jefferson.


Evelina, or the History of a Young Lady's Entrance into the World. Fanny Burney. British. 1778. Novel. Country girl goes to London; courted; misunderstandings; turns out to be of noble birth.


1779. British take Augusta, Georgia, Jan. 29.

1779. Spain declares war on Britain, June 21.

1779. Gen. John Sullivan defeats Loyalists and Iroquois allies in New York's Genesee Valley.

1779. Capt. John Paul Jones sails in the Bonhomme Richard and defeats the British Serapes.

1779. Robert Walpole and other British merchants smuggle arms and provisions to the Americans.


Nathan the Wise. Gotthold Lessing. German. 1779. Play. Jerusalem during the Crusades. Essential unity of all religions. All religions are forms of one great truth.

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