Wednesday, November 7, 2007

1845 to1846

1845. The Police Gazette begins publication. The weekly U.S. scandal sheet carries lurid illustrations.

1845. New Bedford, Mass., reaches the height of its whaling trade.

Sybil, or the Two Nations. Benjamin Disraeli. British. 1845. Novel. The two nations are the rich and poor working classes; distressed condition of the laboring class. Chartist movement during the 1840s.

"The Raven." Edgar Allan Poe. American. 1845. Poetry. Answers tormented questions of bereaved lover with "Nevermore."

The Rose and the Ring. Wm. Makepeace Thackeray. British. 1845. Burlesque. Burlesque fairy tale. Magic rose and ring make possessors lovely and lovable.

"Cricket on the Hearth." Charles Dickens. British. 1845. Story. Christmas tale. Cricket chirps when all is well and silent when unhappiness pervades. Mysterious boarder.

Facundo. Domingo Faustino Sarmiento. Argentina. 1845. Nonfiction. Famous for description of Argentine pampas and of gaucho types, the outlaw and the tracker.

Hard Times. Charles Dickens. British. 1845. Novel. Gradgrind. Grim practicality. Effects of father on children. Harsh condemnation of industrial England.

"The Purloined Letter." Edgar Allan Poe. American. 1845. Story. Letter used by cabinet minister for blackmail is found by Detective Dupin--in plain, but overlooked sight.

"How They Brought the Good News from Ghent to Aix." Robert Browning. British. 1845. Ballad. Onomatopoeic effects. Describes purely imaginary incident.

The Littlepage Manuscripts. James Fenimore Cooper. American. 1845/46. Novel. New York antirent controversy. Crisis in democracy. If contracts could be broken by mob rule, democracy would turn to anarchy. Sided with the landlords. Politics overcomes art in these novels.

1846. The Mexican War is precipitated by President Polk who sends Gen. Zachary Taylor to build a fort near or in Mexican territory. Warned to retire beyond the Neuces, Taylor does not an Mexican troops kill a U.S. reconnoitering party in a skirmish.

1846. California's Black Bear Revolt begins June 14 as settlers in the Sacramento Valley proclaim a republic independent of Mexico and raise a flag bearing a black bear and a star at Sonoma.

1846. Brigham Young leads Mormons in a trek to the Mexican Territory beyond the western limits of the U.S.

1846. Baseball rules are codified by the New York surveyor Alexander Cartwright of the Knickerbocker Baseball Club. Distances between bases are set at 90 feet, each team is to have nine players and is allowed three outs per inning.

1846. Famine sweeps Ireland as the potato crop fails and food reserves are exhausted.

1846. Irish emigration to England, Canada, Australia and America is spurred by the famine.

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