Thursday, June 14, 2007

1600 to 1699. Notable Events and People.

Notable Events and People, 1600 to 1699

Champlain/ James I of England/ Gunpowder Plot: Guy Fawkes/ Jamestown, Virginia/ John Smith/ Pocahontas/ Henry Hudson/ Kepler and Astronomy/ Authorized (King James) Bible/ Tobacco/ Galileo and the Copernican System/ Thirty Years' War/ Black Slaves in Virginia/ Descartes/ Mayflower/ American Thanksgiving/ Francis Bacon and the Inductive Method/ Cardinal Richelieu/ Manhattan/ Harvey and the Circulation of the Blood/ Massachusetts Bay Colony/ Lord Calvert and Maryland/ Academie Francaise/ Cavaliers ve. Roundheads/ Oliver Cromwell/ Charles I/ Society of Friends/ Taj Mahal/ Charles II/ The Royal Society/ British vs. the Dutch/ Isaac Newton/ The Great Fire of London/ Christopher Wren/ King Philip's War/ Titus Oates/ Habeas Corpus/ Pennsylvania/ Versailles/ James II/ William and Mary/ Salem Witchcraft Trials/ Westernization of Russia.

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