Wednesday, April 25, 2007

1200 to 1299

Notable Events and People

Arabic numerals/ Court jesters/ Children's Crusade/ Magna Carta/ Genghis Khan/ Frederick II/ Robin Hood/ Roger Bacon/ The Inquisition/ Firearms/ Chartres Cathedral/ Marco Polo/ The Pied Piper/ Kubla Khan/ The longbow/ Spinning wheel


Parzival. Wolframm VonEschenbach. 1200.
Aucassin and Nicolette. Anon. 1200 (?)
Dies Irae ("Day of Wrath"). Thomas of Celano. 1200 (?)
The Brut. Wace. 1205.
Tristan and Isolde. Von Strassburg. 1210.
An Account of My Hut. Kamo no Chomei. 1212.
Magna Carta. 1215.
Romance of the Rose. Part 1. Guillaume de Lorris. 1230.
Gulistan. Sa 'Di. 1258.
The Circle of Chalk. Anon. 1259/1368.
Summa Theologica. Thomas Aquinas. 1265/74
Romance of the rose. Part 2. Jean DeMeun. 1275.
Gesta Romanorum (Deeds of the Romans.). Anon. 1257?
The New Life. Dante. 1293.

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