Thursday, April 19, 2007

AD 1100 to AD 1199

Notable Events and People, 1109 to 1199
Gothic architecture/ Abelard/ Second Crusade/ Henry II and Thomas A Becket/ Saladin/ Richard I, the Lion Heart/ Third Crusade.
Literary Works, 1109 - 1199
"The Lady of the Fountain." Anon. 1100.
Sir Launfal. Marie de France. 1100.
The Tales of the Heike. Anon. 1100.
Kulwch and Olwen. Anon. 1100.
Sic et Non. Abelard. 1100?
The History of the Kings of Britain. Geoffrey of Monmouth. 1137.
Poema del Cid. Anon. 1140.
Volsunga Saga. Anon. 1150?
The Russian Primary Chronicle. Nestor? 1150?
Roman de Brut. Wace. 1155.
Heimskringl. Anon. 1177?
The Nibelungenlied. Anon. 1190.
The song of Igor's Campaign. Anon. 1190?

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