Sunday, April 29, 2007

1290 to 1298

1290. England's Edward I exiles the country's Jews at behest of Italians who seek to handle English banking and commerce.

The New Life. Dante. Italian. 1293. Poetry. Autobiographical narrative of his love for Beatrice, which inspired this collection of poems. Meets her only twice, but adores her from afar. Dedicates himself to her after her death. Love for a woman is the first step in the soul's spiritual progression toward divine love.

1294. China's Kublai Khan dies at age 78 after a 35-year reign that has established the Mongol dynasty, subdued Korea and Burma, and founded the city that will become Beijing.

1295. Marco Polo returns to Venice after having traveled 17 years in the service of the late Kublai Khan.

1298. The Battle of Falkirk, July 22, gives English archers a victory over Scotsmen. The longbow scores its first great triumph in pitched battle.

1298. The invention of the spinning wheel revolutionizes textile production.

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