Tuesday, May 8, 2007

1400 to 1499: Notable Events, People and Literary Works

Society: Notable Events and People, 1400-1499

Incan terraces/ Quarantine/ Ptolemy: The world is round/ Henry V of England/ Henry the Navigator of Portugal/ Joan of Arc/ African slaves/ Cade's Rebellion/ Wars of the Roses/ Gutenberg's Bible/ Francois Villon/ Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille/ Primogeniture/ Columbus/ William Caxton/ The Inquisition/ Japanese Tea Ceremony/ Richard III/ Henry VII/ Anti-Semitism/ Sweating sickness/ Witch hunts/ Savonarola/ Smoking/ Amerigo Vespucci.

Literature: 1400 - 1499

The Second Shepherd's Play. Anon. 1400.
Paston Letters. 1422/1509.
"Dick Whittington and His Cat." Anon. 1423?
"Kingis Quair." King James I of Scotland. 1424.
Imitation of Christ. Thomas A' Kempis. 1426.
The Arabian Nights' Entertainment. Anon. 1450.
"Tales of the Calendars"; "Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves," etc.
Le Morte d' Arthur. Sir thomas Malory. 1460.
Il Morgante Maggiore ("The Great Morgante"). Luigi Pulci. 1470.
"Reynard the Fox." Anon. 1481.
The Golden Legend. William CAxton. 1483.
Till Eulenspiegel. Anon. 1483/1515 or later.
Orlando Innamorato (Roland in Love). Matteo Boiardo. 1487.
"The Nut-Brown Maid." Anon. 1490?
The Adventures of Robin Hood. Anon. 1490.

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