Thursday, May 31, 2007

1535 to 1541

1535. Sir Thomas More is beheaded, July 6, at age 57 by order of England's Henry VIII for refusing to swear an oath of supremacy as required by last year's Act of Supremacy.

1535. Jacques Cartier sails up the St. Lawrence River to what will later be the site of Montreal.

1536. England's Henry VIII has his wife Anne Boleyn beheaded, May 19, on charges of adultery On May 20, he marries Ann's lady-in-waiting Jane Seymour, 27.

1536. English clergyman William Tyndale of bible fame is condemned for heresy and is strangled at the stake.

1536. Portugal installs the Inquisition.

1536. Friesland clergyman Menno Simons, 43, leaves the Roman communion January 12 after several years of questioning infant baptism and getting inconsistent answers to his questions from Martin Luther and other Protestant leaders. His followers will be called Monnonites.

1536. Henry VIII's queen Jane Seymour dies October 24 a few days after giving birth to a son who will become Edward VI in 1547.

Institutes of the Christian Religion. John Calvin. French. 1536. Religion. Reply to attacks on Protestantism. Guide to Scripture.

1537. Pope Paul III excommunicates Catholic slave traders.

1539. The poet Guru Nanak dies in Punjab at age 70 after establishing the tenets of the Sikh religion (Sikh is Punjabi for "disciple"), which is neither Hindu nor Muslim.

1540. England's Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves, January 6, less than a week after meeting her and 14 days after saying openly that she had no looks, spoke no English and was "no better than a flanders mare." The marriage was arranged by Thomas Cromwell for political reasons. When Henry finds that he does not need the connection, he says that the marriage has not been consummated. Cromwell is sent to the Tower of London, his marriage to Anne is declared null and void, Henry marries Catherine Howard, 25, and Cromwell is beheaded on July 28.

1540. Spanish explorer Francisco Coronado, 20, arrives in the American Southwest with the first horses, mules, cattle, sheep and hogs ever seen in the region. His lieutenant Lopez de Cardenas discovers the Grand Canyon in November.

1540. Pope Paul III recognizes the Jesuit order founded in 1534. He will make the Jesuits his chief agents in spreading the Counter Reformation.

1541. Francisco Pizarro completes his conquest of Peru but he is assassinated June 26 at age 69 or 70.

1541. Hernando de Soto discovers the Mississippi River May 8.

1541. Jacques Cartier establishes a short-lived community at Quebec.

1541. John Calvin, 32, establishes a theocratic government that will make Geneva a focal point for the defense of Protestantism throughout Europe.


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