Monday, July 28, 2008

1925. Literature (1)

An American Tragedy. Theodore Dreiser. American. 1925. Novel. Indicts America's industrial society for dazzling people like Clyde Griffiths with dreams of unattainable luxury.

Arrowsmith. Sinclair Lewis. American. 1925. Novel. In quest for pure science, Arrowsmith encounters meanness, corruption and misunderstanding. Medicine.

Cement. Feodor Vasilyevich Gladkov. Russian. 1925. Novel. Reconstruction and industrialization in the Soviet Union after the civil war.

Craig's Wife. George Kelly. American. 1925. Play. Woman is obsessed by her house. In the end she has lost everything but the house.

Death in Venice. Thomas Mann. German. 1925. Novel. Artist experiences decadence. Succumbs to consuming love for beautiful Polish boy.

Gentlemen Prefer Blonds. Anita Loos. American. 1925. Novel. "Illuminating Diary of a Professional Lady." Useful handbook on how to get rich?

The Great Gatsby. F. Scott Fitzgerald. American. 1925. Novel. Exposes wealthy society in the "Jazz Age"; false glamor, boredom, cultural barrenness and moral emptiness.

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