Tuesday, July 1, 2008

1922. Literature (1)

Abie's Irish Rose. Anne Nichols. American. 1922. Play. Jewish boy marries Irish Catholic girl. Problems with families.

Anna Christie. Eugene O'Neill. American. 1922. Play. Swedish captain loves/hates the sea; in spite of his efforts, daughter falls in love with the sea.

Babbitt. Sinclair Lewis. American. 1922. Novel. Middle class, small-town booster and joiner who is trapped by his middle class values.

The Castle. Franz Kafka. German. 1922. Novel. Man against bureaucracy. Human quest for understanding of the ways of an incomprehensible God?

The Enormous Room. ee cummings. American. 1922. Autobiographical Novel. Imprisonment in a French military concentration camp, incarcerated on a false charge of treason.

Facade. Edith Sitwell. British. 1922. Poetry. Sound and imagery rather than meaning.

"The Garden Party. Katherine Mansfield. New Zealand. 1922. Story. Preparing for a party, wealthy Laura encounters reality in the death of a poor laborer.

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