Monday, June 30, 2008

1922. Society (2)

1922. The Reader's Digest appears in February with articles "of lasting interest" condensed from books and from other magazines into a pocket-sized monthly.

1922. Charles Atlas wins the "World's Most Perfectly Developed Man" contest sponsored by Physical Culture magazine publisher Bernarr MacFadden. Italian-American Angelo Siciliano, 28, is a former 97-pound weakling who has built himself up with "dynamictension" exercises which he claims to have developed after watching a lion at the zoo. He will open a Manhattan gymnasium in 1926, and by 1927 his Charles Atlas, Ltd., will be taking in $1000 per day from students who subscribe to his mail-order physical culture course.

1922. Austria's Salzburg Mozart Festival has its first season to begin a lasting August tradition.

Popular songs: "Chicago"; "I'll See You in My Dreams."

1922. A Western Electric Company research team led by JP Maxfield invents a phonograph record graver that permits recording in acoustically correct studios rather than by singing or playing directly into horns.

1922. Mah-Jongg is introduced in America and a nationwide craze begins for the ancient Chinese game.

1922. The Maytag Gyrofoam washing machine introduced by the Newton, Iowa, firm outperforms all other washing machines yet takes up only 25 square inches of floor space.

1922. The Lincoln Memorial dedicated May 30 at Washington, D.C., contains a 19-foot seated figure of the sixteenth president carved out of Georgia marble by sculptor Daniel French. The $2,940,000 monument beside the Potomac has taken 7 years to build.

1922. Horse-drawn fire apparatus makes its final appearance in New York December 22 as equipment from Brooklyn's Engine Company 205 races to put out a fire.

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