Wednesday, June 11, 2008

1920. Society (3)

1920. A bomb explosion September 16 scars the JP Morgan bank building, kills 30, injures 200, and causes $2 million in property damage.

1920. The world's first radio broadcasting station goes on the air November 2 to give results of the Harding-Cox election. Westinghouse engineer Frank Conrad has set up KDKA at East Pittsburgh but only about 5,000 Americans have radio receivers, mostly "cats-whisker" crystal sets.

1920. Outline of History by H.G. Wells intends to replace "narrow nationalist history by a general review of the human record." "Human history becomes more and more a race between education and catastrophe," he says.

1920. National Prohibition of sales of alcoholic beverages in the United States goes into effect January 16. A mock funeral for "John Barleycorn" is held January 15 at Norfolk, Va., by evangelist William "Billy" Sunday, who has agitated for Prohibition but whose popularity now begins to fade.

1920. Prohibition booms sales of coffee, soft drinks, and ice cream sodas, but consumption of alcoholic beverages will continue through illegal sales and homemade "bathtub gin."

1920. Life Savers, Inc. has increased sales by packaging candy in resealable foil to preserve their flavor, placing nickel Life Savers next to the cash register at cigar stores and restaurants, and having the cashiers include nickels in every customer's change.


Anonymous said...

Hi Ray S: I have an old Life Savers ad (Mint Products Company) which I was attempting to date. It depicts a best man at a wedding handing the groom a Life Saver candy. A bride and preacher are also present. Their clothing appears to be early 1920's but I am unsure. The ad reads as follows: No Ring? Here's your Life Saver" Is there a website where I may search for early Life Saver advertisements? Thanks for your time. Regards, Nancy

RayS said...

Nancy: Try "Life Savers Advertising" on Google. Seemed to be quite a number of Web sites dealing with the topic. Thanks for your comment. RayS.