Tuesday, June 24, 2008

1921 Society (3)

1921. U.S. forester Benton MacKaye proposes an Appalachian Trail for hikers. Extending nearly 2,000 miles from Georgia's Springer Mountain to Maine's Mt. Katahdin, the footpath will in large part follow the Great Indian Warpath that existed in the 18th century from Creek Territory in Alabama into Pennsylvania.

1921. The name "Betty Crocker" is developed by Washburn, Crosby Co., of Minneapolis. The firm runs a contest to promote its Gold Medal Flour and letters from contestants are answered by the fictitious food authority.

1921. Wise Potato Chips are introduced by Berwick, PA, grocer Earl V. Wise who finds himself overstocked with old potatoes. He peels them, slices them with an old-fashioned cabbage cutter, follows his mother's recipe for making potato chips, packages the chips in brown paper bags, and sells them in his grocery store.

1921. Lindy's Restaurant opens at 1626 Broadway in New York under the management of German-American restaurateur Leo "Lindy" Lindeman, whose cheese cake will be favored by newspapermen, politicians and theater people for half a century.

1921. Some 900,000 immigrants enter the U.S. in the fiscal year ending June 30.

1921. The Dillingham Bill (Emergency Quota Act) enacted by Congress May 19 establishes a quota system to restrict immigration. Entry is permitted only to 3 percent of the people of any nationality who lived in the U.S. in 1910.

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