Wednesday, June 25, 2008

1921. Literature.

Alice Adams. Booth Tarkington. American. 1921. Novel. Disintegration of middle-class Adams family in small Midwestern town. Romantic daughter is disillusioned.

Back to Methuselah. George Bernard Shaw. British. 1921. Play. Civilization to AD 31,920 in which man becomes wholly intellect through will, not science.

Crome Yellow. Aldous Huxley. British. 1921. Novel. Satire of intellectual pretensions. Banal verse of ineffectual poet.

Goat Song. Franz Werfel. German. 1921. Play. Frenzy of group of peasants; worship monster. Woman bears its child. Chaotic potential in man.

"Miss Thompson." W. Somerset Maugham. British. 1921. Story. Repressed reverend converts, then seduces tart; he commits suicide.

Nets to Catch the Wind. Elinor Wylie. American. 1921. Poetry. Contains her most characteristic verse: "Velvet Shoes"; "The Eagle and the Mole."

Six Characters in Search of an Author. Luigi Pirandello. Italian. 1921. Play. Six characters say they are unused creations of author's imagination. Demand that their stories be told.

Three Soldiers. John DosPassos. American. 1921. Novel. Three representative American soldiers. Musician joins army to become involved in a righteous cause. Finds instead tyranny, aimlessness, red tape, and boredom. Deserts. Begins to write music. Captured and taken away. Sheets of unfinished compositions scattered and destroyed. Military is the real villain of the book.

The Triumph of the Egg. Sherwood Anderson. American. 1921. Stories. Quiet desperation of people unable to find in others release from inner loneliness. Search for innocence in a world already too complicated.

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