Thursday, July 24, 2008

1925. Society (3)

1925. Popular songs: "Yes, Sir, That's My Baby!" "I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)" "Sleepy time Gal"; "Sweet Georgia Brown"; "Alabamy Bound"; "Dinah"; "Always"; "Five Feet Two, Eyes of Blue"; "I'm Sitting on Top of the World"; "Jealousy"; "Show Me the Way to Go Home."

1925. Grand Ole Opry goes on the air November 28 as Barn Dance over Nashville, Tenn., radio station WSM.

1925. The New York Giants professional football team is funded by Timothy J. Mara.

1925. "Blow some my way," says a woman to a man lighting a cigarette in advertisements by Liggett & Meyers for its Chesterfield brand. The advertisement breaks a taboo by suggesting that women smoke.

1925. Al Capone takes over as boss of Chicago bootlegging.

1925. The bubble of inflated Florida land values breaks as investors discover the lots they have bought are in many cases underwater.

1925. The first motel opens December 12 at San Luis Obispo, Calif., James Vail's Motel Inn with accommodations for 160 guests is located on one of the busiest U.S. motor routes.

1925. The worst tornado in U.S. history cuts through Missouri, Illinois, and Indiana, March 18, killing 689, injuring thousands, and wreaking property damage in the millions.

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