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1200BC to 100BC

Bible. Hebrew Canon. 24 books. 3 divisions. First, the Law or Torah, the first 5 books, the Pentateuch. Second, the 8 books of the Prophets. Finally, the “Writings,” including the Psalms, Proverbs, Job, Song of Solomon, Ruth, Lamentations, Ecclesiastes, Esther, Daniel, Ezra, and Chronicles.

Bible. Christian. 39 books. 17 historical books, from Genesis to Esther. 5 poetical books, from Job to the Song of Solomon. Prophetic books from Isaiah to Malachi.

Old Testament 1200 – 100 BC.
Genesis. Creation, fall of man, expulsion from Garden of Eden, flood, dispersion. Accounts of lives of patriarchs of Israel: Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph.

Exodus. Escape by Jews from bondage in Egypt, led by Moses. Finally reach Canaan. Covenant with Yahweh. Moses’ birth, departure from Egypt, beginning of journey to Palestine. Ten Commandments.

Leviticus. Basic compendium of Jewish law, instructions to priests on procedures for sacrifices. Ritual practices, rules of ethics, penalties for transgressors.

Numbers. Trip through wilderness. Mt. Sinai to Moab, n border of Promised Land. Mosaic law; Moses portrayed as prophet to whom God speaks directly.

Deuteronomy. Reiterates Mosaic law; death of Moses.

Joshua. Successor of Moses. Israelites fearful of Canaanites. Condemned to wander for 40 years for lack of faith. Joshua led conquest. Walls fell at sound of trumpets.

Judges. Tribes of Israel between Joshua and Samuel. Attempts to subdue and settle land.

Ruth. Ruth was a Moabite. Her Israelite husband died and she followed his mother to Bethlehem. She became a gleaner in the fields and married the wealthy Boaz. From this marriage came the line that led to David.

Samuel I and II. Samuel was a religious, political reformer of early Israel. Consecrated to Temple service by mother. Heard Jehovah’s voice in the night. Forced to yield to people’s demand for a king, Saul. Prophesied loss of liberty. Anointed David as future king.
Saul and David. Saul was the first king of Israel. Repeated conflicts with the Philistines. Moods of despair. Jealous of David. Tried to have David killed. Prophecy of defeat from Witch of Endor. Suicide. David, the Shepherd King. Author of Psalms? Friendship for Jonathan, Saul’s son. Killed Goliath. Became second king of Israel. David’s guilty love for Bathsheba; grief over revolt of his son Absalom.

Kings I and II. History of Israel from last year of David to Babylonian Exile. Glories of the reign of Solomon. Decline of Southern Kingdom. Destruction of Temple in 586BC.

Chronicles I and II. Israel under David and Solomon. Genealogies back to Adam. David’s death, succession of Solomon. Building of Temple in Jerusalem; wisdom of Solomon. Reign of Rehoboam to destruction of Jerusalem and Babylonian captivity. Book ends as Ezra begins, with charge of Cyrus to restore worship in Jerusalem.

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