Monday, March 26, 2007

AD 1 to AD 1099 Introduction

Notable Events and People from AD 1 to AD 1099
The Crucifixion/ London/ Persecution of Christians/ Vesuvius/ The Coliseum/ Barbarians/ Gun powder/ Constantine/ The Huns/ Alexandreia/ Eastern and Western Roman Empires/ Visigoths/ St. Patrick/ The Virgin/ Attila/ Angles, Saxons and Britons/ Hawaiian Islands/ End of the Roman Empire/ Paris/ Vesuvius/ Benedictines/ King Arthur/ Canterbury/ Mohammad/ Mayans/ Charles Martel/ Pepin/ Charlemagne/ Harun al-Raschid/ Yiddish/ Cyrillic alphabet/ Schism between Roman Church and Constantinople/ King Alfred of England/ Printing/ Cordova/ Lief Ericcson/ Danes conquer England/ Norman conquest of England/ Halley's Comet/ Domesday Book/ El Cid/ First Crusade/ Middle English.
List of Literary Works
Metamorphoses. Ovid.
New Testament: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John. Acts of the Apostles, Paul to the Romans, Paul to the Corinthians, Paul to the Galatians, Paul to the Ephesians, Paul to the Philippians, Paul to the Colossians, Paul to the Thessalonians, Paul to Timothy, Paul to Titus, Paul to Philemon, Paul to the Hebrews, The Epistle of James, The Epistles of Peter, The Epistles of John, Jude; Revelation.
On the Sublime. Anon.
Kama-sutra. Vatsayana.
Thyestes. Seneca.
The Golden Ass. Apuleius.
The Elegies of Ch'u. Ch'u Yuan.
The Meditations. Marcus Aurelius.
Raghuyamsa. Kalidasa.
The Little Clay Cart. King Shudraka.
Mahabharata. Anon.
Ethiopica. Heliodoros.
Daphnis and Chloe. Longus.
Nicene Creed. Council of Nicea.
The Confessions of Saint Augustine.
Panchatantra (fables). Bidpai.
Mudraraksasa (The Minister's Signet Ring). Visakhadatta.
The City of God. St. Augustine.
The Consolation of Philosophy. Boethius.
"The Seafarer." Anon.
"The Wanderer." Anon.
Beowulf. Anon.
The Fight at Finnsburg. Anon.
"The Dream of the Rood." Anon.
Ecclesiastical History of the English People. Bede.
The Fables of Bidpai. Anon.
Man'yoshu (Collection of Myriad Leaves). Anon.
The Tale of Genji. Murasaki Shikibu.
"Deor's Lament." Anon.
The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle. King Alfred.
"The Spoils of Annwn." Anon.
Annales Cambriae. Anon.
"Battle of Maldon." Anon.
Kathassaritsagara (Ocean of the Streams of Story). Somadeva.
"The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam."
Chanson de Roland. Anon.
Domesday Book. William the Conqueror.

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