Thursday, August 7, 2008

1926. Literature (1)

Abraham Lincoln: The Prairie Years. Carl Sandburg. American. 1926. Biography. For Sandburg, Lincoln was the archetypal American.

The Counterfeiters. Andre Gide. French. 1926. Novel. Counterfeit personalities with which people disguise themselves to conform to convention and to deceive themselves.

Days of the Turbins. Mikhail Bulgakov. Russian. 1926. Play. Czarist White Guard vs. the forces of the Red Army during the Russian Revolution. Balanced account.

Don Segunda Sombra (Shadows in the Pampas). Ricardo Guiraldes. Argentina. 1926. Novel. First gaucho fiction . Boy learns to live with courage and honor by the gaucho code. Outstanding example of gaucho literature.

The Great God Brown. Eugene O'Neill. American. 1926. Play. Masks symbolize varying personalities of characters as they are and as they appear to others.

If It Die.... Andre Gide. French. 1926. Autobiography. Trips to North Africa. Confessions of homosexuality. Issue normally avoided.

The Mauve Decade. Thomas Beer. American. 1926. Nonfiction. American literary and social scene of the 1890s.

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