Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1927. Society (2)

1927. The Iron Lung invented by Harvard professor Philip Drinker has an airtight chamber that employs alternating pulsations of high and low pressure to force air in and out of a patient's lungs.

1927. Transatlantic telephone service begins January 7 between London and New York: 3 minutes of conversation costs $75.

1927. Television gets its first U.S. demonstration April 7 in the auditorium of New York's Bell Telephone Laboratories by AT & T president Walter S. Gifford who lets a large group of viewers see Commerce Secretary Herbert C. Hoover in his office at Washington while hearing his voice over telephone wires.

1927. David Sarnoff's year-old National Broadcasting Co. has so many radio stations that it splits up into a Blue Network and a Red Network.

1927. Films: Alan Crosland's The Jazz Singer is the first full-length talking picture to achieve success.

1927. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is founded May 11 by Louis B. Mayer of M-G-M. Annual awards of the academy will be called "Oscars" by movie columnist Sidney Skolsky.

1927. "The Varsity Drag" is introduced to U.S. dance floors.

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