Wednesday, August 6, 2008

1926.Society (4)

1926. Italian hairdresser Antonio Buzzacchino invents a new permanent waving method that will make the "permanent" widely fashionable.

1926. Slide fasteners get the name "zippers" after a promotional luncheon at which English novelist Gilbert Frankau has said, "Zip[! It's open! Zip! It's closed!"

1926. Chicago bootlegger Al Capone's Hawthorne Hotel headquarters are sprayed with machine gun fire in broad daylight September 20 by gunmen firing from eight touring cars that parade single file through the streets of the suburban area but no one is killed and the cars disappear into the traffic.

1926. Illegal liquor traffic is estimated to be a $3.6 billion business and has spawned a gigantic underworld of criminal activity since 1919. Widespread defiance if of the Prohibition laws is encouraging citizens to flout other laws and the "Noble Experiment" is clearly a failure.

1926. Trofim Denisovich Lysenko gains notice for the first time in the Soviet Union. The agronomist puts ideology ahead of science and will have enormous influence on Soviet farm policies.

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