Tuesday, August 12, 2008

1927. Society (1)

1927. An "autumn harvest uprising" led by Communist Mao Zedong is crushed September 19 and Chiang expels Russians from Shanghai. Despite questions as to the legality of his divorce from the mother of his son, Chiang has married Wellesley-educated Christianized Song Mei-ling and allied himself with one of China's richest, most powerful families.

1927. Josef Stalin expels Leon Trotsky from the Central Committee of the Communist party in November.

1927. Sacco and Vanzetti die in the electric chair at Dedham Prison August 23 despite worldwide efforts to have Massachusetts authorities drop charges against the two for lack of evidence.

1927. Charles A. Lindbergh lands his single-engine monoplane Spirit of St. Louis at Le Bourget Airfield, Paris, May 21, at 10. 24 P.M., after completing the first nonstop solo transatlantic flight. Hailed as "The Lone Eagle," Lindbergh rejects motion picture, vaudeville, and commercial offers totaling $5 million.

1927. Ford introduces the Model A to succeed the Model T that has been the U.S. standard for nearly 20 years.

1927. Massachusetts enacts the first compulsory state automobile insurance law.

1927. An uncertainty principle announced by German physicist Werner Heisenberg melds physics and philosophy. He states that certain pairs of variables describing motion-velocity and position, or energy and time cannot be measured simultaneously with absolute accuracy because the measuring process itself interferes with the quantity to be measured, so while quantum mechanics provides valuable information it is useful only within limits of tolerance since no events can be described with zero tolerance.

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