Monday, July 30, 2007

1700 to 1709

1700. The Selling of Joseph by Boston Jurist Samuel Sewall, 48, condemns the selling of slaves.

The Way of the World. William Congreve. British. 1700. Play. Efforts of urbane, witty Mirabell to marry quick-witted Millamant. Opposition of her aunt whom Mirabell has been courting to disguise his suit for her niece. They decide to marry, but negotiate rights and responsibilities.

1701. Louisiana becomes a province of France.

1701. Yale University has its beginnings.

1701. Seed-planting drill sows three parallel rows of seeds at once. Jethro Tull.

1702. England's William III dies. His sister-in-law Anne succeeds. Last monarch of the House of Stuart.

1702. Queen Anne names John Churchill duke of Marlborough.

1702. Dutch jurist Cornelius van Bynershoek establishes the 3-mile territorial zone.

1702. Queen Anne gives royal approval to horse racing. Originates the sweepstakes idea.

1703. St. Petersburg founded by Russia's Peter I. Turns Russia's focus to the West.

1704. Battle of Blenheim gives Duke of Marlborough a stunning victory over French coalition.

1704. Canadian Indians and French attack Deerfield in Massachusetts.

1704. Boston's weekly News-Letter is the first regular American newspaper.

The Tale of a Tub. Jonathan Swift. British. 1704. Satire. Ridicule of religious extremists. Ironic digressions. Title from a nautical practice of throwing empty wooden tubs into the sea to divert whales who threaten a vessel.

The Battle of the Books. Jonathan Swift. British. 1704. Literary Criticism. Modern vs. ancient books in St. James's Library. Outcome is uncertain. Spider = the moderns; the bee = the ancients.

1705. Newcomen steam engine invented by English blacksmith Thomas Newcomen.

1705. Halley's Comet named by English astronomer Edmund Halley.

1707. United Kingdom of Great Britain unites England, Scotland under the Union Jack.

The Beaux' Stratagem. George Farquhar. British. 1707. Play. Fortune hunters, Aimwell and Archer. Aimwell plays sick and is nursed by Lady Bountiful whose daughter he marries.

1708. Canadian Indians and French massacre settlers at Haverhill in Massachusetts.

1708. Carolina: 2,400 whites, 2,900 black slaves, 1,100 Indian slaves.

1799. Close to 7 million Africans will cross the Atlantic in chains this century.

1709. Black Death kills 300,000 in Prussia.

1709. Fahrenheit alcohol thermometer introduced.

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