Friday, July 20, 2007

1700 to 1799: Notable Events and People

Notable Events and People, 1700 - 1799
Louisana and the French/ Queen Anne of England/ Duke of Marlborough/ Russia: St. Petersburg/ Newcomen Steam Engine/ Pennsylvania rifle/ George I of England/ Louis XV of France/ Small Pox/ Inoculation/ B Franklin/ John Peter Zenger and Freedom of the Press/ Sir Robert Walpole/ The Acadians/ Seven Years' War in Europe/ America's French and Indian War/ French Canada Falls to the British/ George III of England/ Stamp Act/ James Watt and the Steam Engine/ Mason and Dixon Line/ Daniel Boone/ Father Junipero Serra/ Boston Tea Party/ Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette of France/ First Continental Congress in Philadelphia/ Shakerism/ American War of Independence/ George Washington/ Thomas Paine/ Thomas Jefferson and the Declaration of Independence/ Nathan Hale/ Articles of Confederation/ Molly Pitcher/ John Paul Jones/ John Andre, Benedict Arnold and West Point/ Gordon Anti-Catholic Riots in London/ American Revolution Ends/ Blue Laws/ Webster's Spelling Book/ The Dollar/ Constitutional Convention at Philadelphia/ French Revolution/ American Bill of Rights/ Eli Whitney's Cotton Gin/ Reign of Terror in France/ The Guillotine/ American Fugitive Slave Act/ Bonaparte

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