Thursday, July 26, 2007

Literary Works, 1700 - 1799 (04)

List of Literary Works: 1700 - 1799 (04)
The Marriage of Heaven and Hell. William Blake. 1790.
Torquato Tasso. Goethe. 1790.
"Tam O'Shanter." Robert Burns. 1791.
The Life of Samuel Johnson, LL.D. James Boswell. 1791.
Justine. Marquis deSade. 1791.
Julie ou la Nouvelle Heloise. Jean Jacques Rousseau. 1791.
The Rights of Man. Thomas Paine. 1791/92.
Charlotte Temple. Susannah Haswell Rowson. 1791/94.
The Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin. 1791/98.
Modern Chivalry. Hugh Henry Breckenridge. 1792.
"La Marsellaise." Claude DeLisle. 1792.
An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice. William Godwin. 1793.
The Adventures of Caleb Williams, or Things as They Are. William Godwin. 1794.
Reineke Fuchs. Goethe. 1794.
Wha Hae Scots. Robert Burns. 1794.
The Mysteries of Udolpho. Ann Radcliffe. 1794.
Wilhelm Meister. Goethe. 1795.
The Monk. Matthew Gregory Lewis. 1795.
On Naive and Sentimental Poetry. Friedrich Schiller. 1795/96.
Farewell Address (from the Presidency). George Washington. 1796.
Jacques le Fataliste. Denis Diderot. 1796.
"The Hasty Pudding." Joel Barlow. 1796.
Hermann and Dorothea. Goethe. 1797.
"Kubla Khan." ST Coleridge. 1797.
Hyperion or the Hermit in Greece. Friedrich Holderlin. 1797/99.
"Simon Lee." William Wordsworth. 1798.
"The Rime of the Ancient Mariner." ST Coleridge. 1798.
Lyrical Ballads. Wordsworth and Coleridge. 1798/1800/1802.
Wallenstein. Friedrich Schiller. 1798/99.

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