Tuesday, April 1, 2008

1912 Literature

Campos de Castilla. Antonio Machado. Spanish. 1912. Poetry. Poet's soul in response to the geography of the Castillan landscape around him.

The Financier. Theodore Dreiser. American. 1912. Novel. First of a trilogy. Ups and downs of a typical industrial and financial magnate of the late 19th century.

Professor Bernhardi. Arthur Schnitzler. German. 1912. Play. To prevent young girl from learning of her impending death, Jewish doctor prevents a priest from administering Extreme Unction.

"The Secret Sharer." Joseph Conrad. British. 1912. Story. Captain takes on board and hides a murderer who is his physical and psychological double.

The Tidings Brought to Mary. Paul Claudel. French. 1912. Verse Drama. Spiritual devotion vs. human life and love. Sympathetic kiss leads to leprosy and life of recluse. Recluse's fiance marries her sister. Their baby dies. Asks recluse to hold and kiss the baby who is brought to life, but with the eyes of the recluse. Her sister returns and kills the recluse.

Trent's Last Case. E.C. Bentley. British. 1912. Novel. Classic detective novel. Trent is an English painter, poetry lover, and amateur detective. Uncovers three different plausible solutions to a murder.

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