Thursday, April 17, 2008

1913 Literature (1)

The Custom of the Country. Edith Wharton. American. 1913. Novel. Ruthless social climber.

"General William Booth Enters into Heaven." Vachel Lindsay. American. 1913. Poem. Rhythmic drumbeats of Salvation Army band.

Le Grand Meaulnes. Alain-Fournier. French. 1913. Novel. Actuality and dream world intermingle; old house in middle of the woods. Girl and her brother.

Heartbreak House. George Bernard Shaw. British. 1913. Play. Indicts apathy, confusion and lack of purpose as causes of the world's problems. Characters are symbolic.

O Pioneers. Willa Cather. American. 1913. Novel. Strong woman with weak family builds prosperous farm. Deep devotion to the land.

Pollyanna. Eleanor H. Porter. American. 1913. Novel. Always looks on the bright side in her numerous trials.

Pygmalion. George Bernard Shaw. British. 1913. Play. Phonetics teacher transforms guttersnipe into an elegant woman.

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