Saturday, April 19, 2008

1913 Literature (2)

Sinister Street. Compton Mackenzie. British. 1913. Novel. Novel of growing up. Childhood and youth of illegitimate children of wealthy parents.

Sons and Lovers. D.H. Lawrence. British. 1913. Novel. Autobiographical. Because of bond with mother, can't give love to other women.

Virginia. Ellen Glasgow. American. 1913. Novel. Southern woman between 1884 and 1912. Unhappy marriage; can't adapt to new environment. Loses respect of her husband and daughters, but retains the love of her son. Analysis of social change facing women in the early 20th century.

Childhood. Maksim Gorky. Russian. 1913/14. Autobiography. Memorable portrait of Gorky's grandmother.

Remembrance of Things Past. Marcel Proust. French. 1913/1927. Novel. Seven parts. In search of "lost time." "Involuntary memories" = true meaning of past experience. Stimulated by object or circumstances; could not appreciate at the time of the experiences. Conscious recollection colored by the person he had become. Unconscious association = simultaneous existence in present and past. Bourgeois and royalty, apparently different, are actually connected. Anticipated pleasure always exceeds actual pleasure.

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