Sunday, April 27, 2008

1914. Society (4)

1914. Upstate New York golfer Walter Hagen wins the U.S. Open at age 21 to begin a remarkable career.

1914. The Yale Bowl is completed at New Haven, Conn. The $650,000, 61,00-seat football stadium will be enlarged to seat 74,786 as college football becomes a major sporting attraction.

1914. The first national Mother's Day is proclaimed by President Wilson on the second Sunday in May.

1914. Doublemint chewing gum is introduced by William Wrigley, Jr.

1914. Germany's 107th Regiment of Leipzig leaves its trenches December 14 and follows a band playing Christmas carols. Singing lustily and distributing gifts to the enemy, the Germans play soccer with the enemy in the afternoon. Hostilities resume December 15.

1914. Fish freezing is pioneered by New Yorker Clarence Birdseye.

1914. A national 4-H Club is founded.

1914. George Washington Carver reveals the results of experiments that show the value of peanuts and sweet potatoes in replenishing soil fertility.

1914. The Woman Rebel by U.S. feminist Margaret Higgins Sanger introduces the term "birth control."

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