Thursday, May 8, 2008

1916. Society (2)

1916. President Wilson wins reelection on a platform that includes the slogan "He kept us out of war," but he believes he has lost until late returns from California give him 23 more electoral votes than his Republican opponent Justice Charles Evans Hughes of the Supreme Court.

1916. The Owens-Keating Act passed by Congress September 1 forbids shipment in interstate commerce of goods on which children under 14 have worked or on which children from 14 to 16 have worked more than 8 hours per day.

1916. A Workmen's Compensation Act passed by Congress September 7 brings 500,000 Federal employees under a program to protect them from disability losses.

1916. The first U.S. Congresswoman is elected by Montana voters. She is Jeanette Rankin, 36.

1916. The first mechanically operated windshield wipers are introduced in the U.S. Electric windshield wipers will not be produced until 1923.

1916. A U.S. poliomyelitis epidemic strikes 28, 767 in mid-summer and fall. Some 6,000 die, 2,000 of them in New York, and thousands more are crippled.

1916. The Measurement of Intelligence by Stanford University psychologist Lewis Madison Terman introduces the term IQ (intelligence quotient) and presents the first test for measuring intelligence that will be widely used, the Stanford-Binet.

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