Wednesday, May 28, 2008

1918. Literature

Cornhuskers. Carl Sandburg. American. 1918. Poetry. Collection of poems. "Cool Tombs." "Prairie." "Caboose Thoughts." "Chicago Poet." "Haunts."

Exiles. James Joyce. Irish. 1918. Play. Irish writer who has spent much of life abroad, estranged from Irish society. Artist's alienation.

My Antonia. Willa Cather. American. 1918. Novel. Bohemian immigrant settlers on frontier farmlands of Nebraska.

Tarr. Wyndham Lewis. British. 1918. Novel. Paris art students of various nationalities; attacks German romanticism, nihilism, militarism.

The Twelve. Aleksandr Blok. Russian. 1918. Poetry. The chaotic streets of St. Petersburg in the early years of the Russian Revolution.

Valmouth. Ronald Firbank. British. 1918. Novel. Fantastic English village with Eastern massage, cultured conversation; society ladies practice religion and pursue men.

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