Tuesday, May 20, 2008

1917. Literature.

Fortunes of Richard Mahoney. Henry Handel Richardson. Australian. 1917. Novel. 19th-century misfit. Mahoney fits in nowhere and dies insane.

La Jeune Parque. Palul Valery. French. 1917. Poetry. Dramatic monologue. Female fearful and fascinated by desire awakening in her.

Portrait of a Lady. T.S. Eliot. American/British. 1917. Poetry. Lack of communication between woman, man trapped by conventions of dying social order. Conscious of isolation but can't escape it. Her life is determined by empty forms, devitalized by social rituals. He seeks solace in humdrum habits and conventions.

The Shadow Line. Joseph Conrad. British. 1917. Novel. Captain matures as he takes sailing ship through a difficult calm.

A Son of the Middle Border. Hamlin Garland. American. 1917. Autobiography. Boyhood in the Middle West. Grandeur of the prairie. Bleakness, hardship of farm life; fruitless quest from frontier to frontier.

South Wind. Norman Douglas. British. 1917. Novel. Capri-like island. Exotic, odd, and learned characters. Skeptical discussion. Topics: ethics, religion, art, food, etc. The author's satirical essays on the island.

Gas. Georg Kaiser. German. 1917/20. Plays. Trilogy. Indictment of over mechanization of modern society.

Cantos. Ezra Pound. American. 1917. Poetry. Epic poem. Vast, disjointed panorama of the growth of civilization.

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