Thursday, May 29, 2008

1919 Society (1)

1919. The Versailles Peace Conference opens January 18 outside Paris with delegates from 27 victorious nations and one week later adopts a unanimous resolution to create a League of Nations whose members will protect each other against aggression and will devote itself to such matters as disarmament, labor legislation, and health.

1919. A new German republic is established with its constituent assembly at Weimar, a Thuringian city far to the southwest of Berlin, where the traditions are humanistic rather than militaristic.

1919. The third International founded at Moscow March 2 is an organization dedicated to propagating communist doctrine with the avowed purpose of producing world-wide revolution. This Comintern will unite Communist groups throughout the world.

1919. The Treaty of Versailles signed June 28 obliges Germany to accept sole responsibility for causing the Great War.

1919. The U.S. Senate rejects the Versailles Treaty and rejects U.S. membership in the League of Nations. President Wilson has suffered a stroke October 2, his left side is paralyzed, and he is powerless to fight isolationists led by Republican Senator Henry Cabot Lodge of Massachusetts.

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