Friday, May 9, 2008

1916. Society (3)

1916. The Dada artistic and literary movement launched at Zurich will lead to surrealism next year. Hugo Ball, Hans Arp, and Tristan Tzara and their adherents believe that Western culture has betrayed itself by its easy acceptance of the world war. They protest against all bourgeois notions of meaning and order with chaotic experiments in form and language.

1916. Popular songs: "Roses of Picardy"; "la Cucaracha" ("The Cockroach").

1916. The first Rose Bowl football game January 1 pits Washington State against Brown in a huge new stadium that seats 101,385.

1916. Lucky Strike cigarettes are introduced by American Tobacco Co.

1916. Double-shell enameled bathtubs go into mass production in the United States to replace the cast-iron tubs with roll rims and claw feet that have been standard for decades.

1916. British fuel shortages motivate Parliament to pass a "summer time" act and most European governments do the same, advancing clocks one hour to make the most of available light.

1916. A German potato blight contributes to starvation that kills 700,000 and weakens morale in the army.

1916. Planters Nut and Chocolate introduces "Mr. Peanut."

1916. Coca-Cola adopts the distinctive bottle shape that will identify it for years.

1916. The Piggly-Wiggly opened at Memphis, Tenn., by food merchant Clarence Saunders begins the first supermarket chain.

1916. Nathan's Famous frankfurters have their beginning in a Coney Island, NY, hot dog stand at the corner of Stillwell and Surf Avenues.

1916. The first birth control clinic outside Holland opens at 46 Amboy Street, Brooklyn. Margaret Sanger distributes circulars to announce the opening, is arrested and jailed for 30 days.

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